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Guangzhou Yawen Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and global marketing of high-end E- bicycles,E-scooters,wheels and related products since its establishment.Now,our products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as the Netherlands,Germany,France,Italy,the United Kingdom, the Middle East,North and South America, Asia, and Australia. Yawen Technology enjoys a high reputation for its reliable quality, fine workmanship and world fashion design. Most of the products have a leading position and are protected by patents, which is beneficial for customers to develop local markets.We have established a reliable global network and achieved great success with all our partners in the world.Our goal is to make customers’ hard-earned money more valuable, and at the same time, we are developing new products together. If you need good high end E-bikes,E-scooters and parts from professional original manufacturers,we wil be  your best partner.There is no doubt that when you choose us as your reliable supplier,you will have the same great success as our other partners.

Every electric bicycle produced will undergo a frame fatigue test,150,000 times is the standard; a frame weighing test will also be carried out,with a load of 3 tons,the body will not break,which is our standard.


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R&D team

Eight experienced designers continue to provide you with professional technical support;develop new products from the perspective of detail and customization.

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More than 30 experienced production line workers will debug your products to the most perfect state and ensure timely delivery.

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A distributer in the Netherlands said: "The riding experience of the YQ3 is good,and the feedback from customers so far is super good, and they also asked where I can buy this bike. I gave this bike as a gift to my friend"
The electric bicycle of the future made today!
Yawen tech inspires people to bring a more safe, effective and healthy way to travel.
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We bring clean, safe, affordable energy for this generation and the ones to come. 

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