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24 inch electric bike wheel

24 inch electric bike wheel



♦ This is the wheel parameters of model 24-DS11, except orange, black and green, other colors can be customized.

♦ The MOQ is 1, and the cost of one sample can be returned for subsequent orders for one container.

♦ Our factory has various certificates, and the raw materials have reached the international production level. We can provide relevant test reports for the finished products.

♦ Our factory has many sets of machines of various brands, with an annual production capacity of more than 400 sets of die-casting molds and more than 2,000 tons of various types of die-casting parts.

♦ Each of our production processes will be strictly controlled to ensure that the products produced are of high quality.


♦ We participate in various professional exhibitions every year, and welcome friends to visit our exhibitions.

 Our advantage

1. The product is formed by high pressure die-casting of magnesium alloy material. The product has a compact structure and high impact resistance, and has the advantages of durability and light riding.

2. The product has passed the inspection of SGS Quality Inspection Center.

3. It adopts anodizing treatment and electrostatic spraying treatment, with good adhesion, and the salt spray test reaches the national standard level 9 or above.

4. The motor adopts the domestic motor (or the motor specified by the customer), which is suitable for various specifications and models.

5. The motor is stable and durable, and its performance is superior, allowing the same battery of lithium electric vehicles to run farther.

6. After-sales service: The overall in-wheel motor warranty is 1 year. During the warranty period, due to non-artificial damage to the motor or hub, the replacement of parts with quality problems is free of charge. Outside the warranty period, the replacement of the corresponding parts will be charged. cost price.


Various colors, various patterns, support customization, welcome to consult.


If you want to know more about our wheels, please download the documentation.

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