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Beach Electric Bike

Beach Electric Bike

Customizable accessories
LED light group, night safety
Strong power, not tired when climbing


♦ Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes

♦ Wheels: 26-inch magnesium alloy rims

♦ Tires: 26*4.0 tires,bold and thick, vacuum tires

♦ Peilin hub axle, Shimano 21-speed transmission, magnesium alloy front fork

♦ LCD instrument: 5-speed power assist, battery display, speed display, mileage display, with mobile phone bracket.

♦ power assist sensor controller, Qihang motor

♦ Taiwan Changxing mechanical disc brakes (front and rear disc brakes): firm, stable, maintenance-free

♦ European standard DC2A fast charging device

♦ Using 18650 high-capacity power lithium battery, strong power, more stable, low energy consumption, built-in invisible anti-theft and waterproof lithium battery, can be directly charged or removed for charging.

♦ The aluminum alloy folding frame is adopted, which increases the carrying capacity of the whole vehicle while taking into account the light weight; the quick release and folding are easy to store, and the three-layer baking paint is beautiful and not easy to fall off the paint.

♦ The front and rear double shock absorption system is adopted, and the front shock absorption area can reach 10 cm, which protects the car body from bumps and prolongs the service life.

♦ Shimano 21-speed matching parts, lower node bending, sensitive shifting and not falling off the chain, pedaling force is not easy for calves to tire, and strong power makes climbing easier.

♦ Professional mountain bike crankset, equipped with prowheel crank, smoother pedaling and less fatigue.

♦ It adopts soft silicone special seat for mountain bikes, with good air permeability, built-in high-elastic memory foam, and low-lying curved suspension shock-absorbing bow, so it is not easy to get tired after long-term riding.





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