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The best choice for the first and last mile

Never get stuck in traffic

Convenient to take anywhere


Easy to fold

It can be folded in just 3 steps, saving space, easy to carry, and automatically locks after folding.
You can put it in the office, you can put it in the trunk of the car, you can move it to the elevator, you can take it on the subway. Wherever you go, wherever you take it, it will give you the most convenient experience.

The length of the entire scooter is about 122cm, the width is about 53cm,the height is about 124cm, the folded height is about 53cm, the wheel size is 10 inches, and the weight is 15 kg. It is suitable for teenagers to ride to and from school and office workers to and from get off work. It is the best choice for “first mile” and “last mile”.

Built-in large-capacity battery, 52 cells, stronger power, longer cruising range, better meet the needs of different routes.

LED display, high brightness, attractive interface. It can display the speed, battery level, etc., so that you can clearly know the situation of the scooter.

Rear disc brake, good stability, simple structure, easy maintenance.

Rear spring suspension, low frequency, good shock isolation effect, so that the shock absorber will not break during driving and prolong the service life of the shock absorber

The front suspension drum brake has the function of automatic brake enhancement, so that the brake system can use lower oil pressure, the processing and composition of parts are relatively simple, and the maintenance cost is low.

500W motor, strong power, climbing angle up to 18°, easy to climb.

Safety taillights are installed to make driving safer without fear of the dark night.


Go wherever you want, stop when you want.



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