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electric city bicycle

electric city bicycle

The best choice for urban cycling
Great companion for outings with friends
Both logo and color can be customized.
♦ The size of this bicycle is 174*115*55cm, and the folding size is 95*85*55cm.
♦ The overall model is relatively small, foldable, and can be put into the trunk of the car.
♦ This electric bicycle has three riding modes:
    pure electric mode–Turn on the power, no need to step on the foot, twist the handle to move forward.
    electric assist mode–Turn on the power and gently step on the pedal.
    Riding mode–Do not turn on the power, like a bicycle, which can meet the different needs of people and travel easily.
♦ 500W  DC high-speed motor, waterproof, dustproof, noise reduction, large torque and high power, strong climbing power, 30° climbing is like walking on the ground.
♦ Double front fork shock absorption, built-in shock absorption system, improve shock absorption effect, not afraid of bumpy road.
♦ Portable battery, with 12.5AH battery and self-developed intelligent ECO power saving system, the battery life can reach 90KM in boost mode.
♦ The 4.0inch wide tires increase the contact area and provide stronger grip, making it easy to adapt to various road surfaces. Using anti-skid tires, it is not easy to slip.
♦ Customized front and rear EBS electronic disc brakes make travel more secure. With the 7-speed Shimano, the transmission efficiency is greatly improved.
♦ Equipped with LED headlights and upgraded rear taillights to improve night riding safety.
♦ The MOQ is 1, and the cost of one sample can be returned for subsequent orders for one container.

Whether it’s a bustling city, a quiet park, winding cobblestone roads or bumpy mountains, this e-bike is perfect for you.

With its own back seat, it is also a good choice for traveling with friends.



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