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electric city bike

electric city bike

Fashionable appearance

comfortable seat

Bright headlights


♦ Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes

♦ Wheels: 20-inch magnesium alloy rims

♦ Tires: 20*4.0 tires,bold and thick, vacuum tires

♦ Peilin hub axle, Shimano 21-speed transmission, magnesium alloy front fork

♦ LCD display instrument:Display speed, battery capacity, kilometers

♦ power assist sensor controller, Qihang motor

♦ Taiwan Changxing mechanical disc brakes (front and rear disc brakes): firm, stable, maintenance-free

♦ European standard DC2A fast charging device

♦ Long-lasting battery life, you can drive through the city without worrying about the cruising range.

♦ Strong load-bearing capacity, stamping and forming, strong compressive deformation capacity, distributed load-bearing, and reduced rust.

♦ High performance, strong power. Start fast, ride far, strong power reserve, fast energy conversion, stable performance configuration, bring high-quality riding experience.

♦ It is flexible and compact, and you can enjoy the good mood without blocking. It is suitable for office workers, grocery shopping, school, etc. to travel freely and enjoy the beautiful scenery.





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