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electric city bike

electric city bike

Intelligent battery management system, automatic charging and power off

Lightweight and compact, suitable for children and adults

Cruise control function, energy saving and power saving


♦ This electric folding bicycle is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy material, one-piece structure, no welding as a whole, low density, high strength, and the body is light and easy to handle.

♦ It folds easily to save space and fit into the trunk of your car.

♦ The MOQ is 1, and the cost of one sample can be returned for subsequent orders for one container.

♦ Multifunctional front, with smart instrumentation and bright LED headlights.

♦ The horn button and the headlight switch are all in conspicuous positions for easy operation.

♦ Twisting the handlebar for a long time has a cruise control function, which allows the bicycle to keep running at a constant speed, saving power and saving energy. You need to release the cruise control and directly activate the brake.

♦ Smart meter, which can check real-time speed, display battery power, and accumulate mileage. Let you know the condition of the car at any time.

♦ The frame folding plate can be easily folded by gently buttoning it open. The frame is spread out and is very stable.

♦ Exquisite crank cover to prevent clothes from getting caught in the chain.

♦ Foldable pedals take up less space when folded

♦ Front and rear dual disc brakes + electronic brakes, hold the brakes, the motor will be powered off first, plus custom front and rear, disc brakes provide more travel protection.

♦ Aluminum alloy integrated wheel, made of metal, has better waterproof effect and is not easy to rust.

♦ 16-inch tires, upgraded with strong grip, allowing you to easily deal with various road surfaces.

♦ Hidden battery, in the frame, safe and waterproof, longer life.

♦ Intelligent display instrument panel, multiple displays of riding data, so that you can clearly understand the condition of the car.

♦ Exploring the line-controlled headlights, the front handlebar can control the headlight switch. Bright headlights and rear warning lights illuminate your safety.





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