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electric mountain bike

electric mountain bike

Super long cruising range

Climb like walking on the ground

The combination of electromechanics, the experience of a bicycle, the speed of an electric bicycle.


♦ This electric mountain bike is equipped with a 350W rear intelligent torque sensing motor, and the 10A battery provides a large cruising range.

♦ The frame is reinforced with high carbon steel, which has high density, high strength, good shock absorption and strong corrosion resistance.

♦ Permanent magnet high-speed brushless motor, 30° uphill without a cart, using a threaded withholding structure, the brushless motor has low contact and running resistance with internal equipment, and has strong power output.

♦ Detachable charging design, using a lock-type waterproof and flame-retardant battery box, it is difficult for dripping water to enter, and the thief has no chance to take advantage of it, and it can also be disassembled and charged separately.


♦ Aluminum alloy forged one-piece stem for comfortable riding.

♦ Positioning talon, speed regulation is more flexible.

♦ The imported 21-speed shifting kit is adopted, the shifting is sensitive and the chain is not lost, the pedaling force is smaller than that of the 18-speed, the legs are not easily tired, and the speed is strong to climb mountains and mountains.

♦ Front and rear dual disc brake configuration, the brake is more sensitive and safer, and the travel is more assured.

♦ Double-shoulder suspension front fork design, no fear of bumpy road conditions, comfortable riding.

♦ On a flat road, the front fork will be locked, when going up and downhill, the front fork will be locked, and on a bumpy stone road or mountain road, the front fork will not be locked to ensure a smooth ride.

♦ There are two types of hubs, optional configuration, Integral wheel and spoked wheel, there is no good or bad, only suitable.




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