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electric mountainbike

electric mountainbike

27-speed shifter, change speed gears at will

Using high lumen lamp beads, the visibility is farther at night

A variety of riding methods, a new choice for sports and fitness

♦ The MOQ is 1, and the cost of one sample can be returned for subsequent orders for one container.
♦ Electric power-assisted variable speed bicycles are easier, healthier and more fashionable.
♦ Using power lithium battery, the battery is designed with large capacity and long battery life, with a larger charge and discharge rate, and built-in safety PTC independent protection to ensure continuous sufficient, stable and safe energy supply, making the power more durable.
♦ It can run without electricity and is equipped with three intelligent riding systems. Riding mode + pure electric mode + electric assist mode, different travel scenarios, different choices, switch at will, more riding fun.
♦ Equipped with a multi-function smart meter, the front-view design brings comfortable vision, humanized multi-function shortcut smart buttons, convenient and quick override, and mobile phone charging.
♦ Special for mountain bikes – comfortable saddle.
♦ According to the law of venous blood return, ensure riding comfort, accelerate air circulation, and dissipate heat in time. The seat cushion is sewn from soft leather, with a unique shape and good softness.
♦ Positioning the flywheel, fast shifting, accurate and reasonable tooth position and uniform force, good bite, no unnecessary noise, and easier maintenance and replacement.
♦ Removable battery design, multi-mode charging, anti-theft mechanical lock, one-step disassembly, simple operation.
♦ Comfortable shock absorption, the sturdy frame is equipped with a shock absorption system, which has a sensitive response and smooth operation, even if the road is bumpy.
♦ 21/27-speed shifter, flexible and flexible to change speed gears, feel comfortable, mini and lightweight, can make quick response no matter whether it is climbing or flat.



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