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electric scooter

electric scooter

Easy to fold, easy to take away

Take the elevator and take the subway

Small and convenient, you can ride at any time without fear of traffic jams


Magnesium alloy frame

The structure is reasonable, the space layout is reasonable, and it has a lighter weight, about 15 kg, while considering the beauty and safety.

LED lights on the front of the handlebar
High brightness and low power consumption ensure safe driving in low light conditions.

Safety warning lights are installed at the rear of the car, and the body has a light bar, which can be seen far away in the dark to ensure driving safety.

LED digital display, high brightness, beautiful interface, can know the speed and mileage in real time.

9-inch pneumatic thick tire, thickening can withstand external pressure, tire grip is strong, non-slip, puncture-proof, stable and safe.

Super sports, release instinct, 300W motor, release more energy for sports, give faster speed, and have better state experience. The climbing angle is 14 degrees, no need to get off the cart and adapt to various road surfaces.




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