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electric snow bike

electric snow bike

Suitable for various road conditions, excellent shock absorption effect.
20*4inch reinforced anti-puncture and explosion-proof snowmobile special tire.
Magnesium alloy body, not easy to rust.

3D forging magnesium alloy frame

Adopting 3D forging integral molding technolodgy, The whole bike is self-damping, smooth and stable, ensure the frame line continuity and fluency  nowelding,more stable  using magnesium material,more lighter, the hardness is increased by 50%, and there is no fear of collision and friction.

♦ Efficient brushless motor, reduce wear, increase the number of revolutions, enhance the stability, and save energy。

♦ The rear e-bike motor is designed to provide power and added boost to riding. Whether you are cruising on flat terrain or venturing up hills and bumpy ground, the high-powered motor is made to take you wherever you need to go.

♦ Front and rear oil spring suspension have better suspension effect

♦ Rear shock absorber 

♦ Intelligent LED display

♦ 7 speed free wheel,fit for kinds of roads

♦ Removable battery, two charging methods, 4-5 hours full charge 48V 12.5AH lithium battery,with range of 40KM pure electric and 60KM pedal assist.

♦ The battery can choose a battery made in China, or you can choose a battery from Samsung or LG. The battery capacity is 12.5AH/14.5AH/17.5AH.

♦ The size of this bike is 180cm*124cm, the seat is adjustable, the minimum is 80cm and the maximum is 105cm, suitable for men and women to ride. And the foldable design can be easily put into the rear compartment, which is very convenient to travel.

The MOQ is 1, and the cost of one sample can be returned for subsequent orders for one container.


♦ The magnesium alloy frame can be painted in the color you want according to your own preferences. Can accept customization.

♦ This electric bike comes in a variety of colors, so there’s always one that’s right for you. It can accompany you across mountains, rivers and seas, and it can also accompany you through mountains and streams.


♦ If you want to know more, please leave us a message and we will reply you within 24 hours.



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