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mtb ebike

mtb ebike

Easy to fold, easy to carry anywhere

Durable battery life


♦ This electric folding mountain bike uses high carbon steel as the body material, which is strong and durable.

♦ Quickly folded and easy to store, completed in 8 seconds, folding is light and convenient, and can be taken on the bus, subway, car trunk, etc.

♦ Multiple configuration upgrades–five-speed sensor assist, riding data monitoring, power-assisted riding, efficient front and middle shock absorption, hidden battery, front and rear disc brakes.

♦ Folding the frame, the buckle can be folded gently under the plate, and it is convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

♦ Suspension front fork, reinforced shock absorber design, better reduce road impact.

♦ 250W high-speed brushless motor, large motor torque, small magnetic resistance, zero-start stepless speed change, fast speed, and better climbing ability.

♦ The motor and hub are integrated, brushless motor, strong horsepower, high efficiency, low energy consumption guarantee, strong power, and good water resistance.

♦ Using high-lumen LED lamp beads, the visibility is farther, and the LED integrated lamp group makes you not afraid of the dark.

♦ The MOQ is 1, and the cost of one sample can be returned for subsequent orders for one container.




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