In the whole production process of  YQ3, we will also conduct destructive tests on it to verify whether it has sufficient strength.First of all, in the process of frame production, we have special engineers to check whether the frame has defects in the casting process.Every frame passing the screening is perfect.

After the whole bicycle is assembled, we will still carry out a series of tests on it.

Maximum load test is bike will run continuously at full load until the battery runs out.During this period,we will let the YQ3 pass through various road conditions,such as sandy ground,muddy ground,ponding ground,and so on.In this way,we can check the grip and wear of the tire,sort out the data to get the service life of the tire and when it needs to be replaced,and know whether it can maintain excellent grip under different ground conditions.We will also charge and discharge the YQ3 many times at the same time,in order to test the attenuation of battery power and electricity in daily life,ensure that the battery works with stable performance in the process of daily charge and discharge.those are means we will do many test during one period.

After that, we will carry out some destructive tests.For example,riding down the multi-level steps under full load to check the operation of the front fork shock absorber and the rear shock absorber;ride YQ3 in rainy and cold weather conditions to check the waterproof performance and battery works in low-temperature condition.We will also let the bicycle fall several times under the normal balance state to check the damage of the controller and frame. At the same time, we will check whether the bicycle can still work safely and normally after such impact.